Climbing China’s Karst Peaks

Climbing in China is simply incredible. In Guilin and Zhangjiajie razor sharp peaks jet out of the landscape like needles, however you don’t need to be a top rock climber to take on some of the climbs in Guilin and Yangshuo. Guilin Climbing has routes and ratings for all levels, even beginners.

This amazing video was filmed by National Geographic and features various karst climbing locations in China, Yunnan’s stone forrest, Zhangjiajie, and Guilin area. The video has been titled: Climbing China’s Incredible Cliffs” and also “The Karst of China: A vertical journey”. The video is narrated by the climber Cedar Wright.

A rock climbing standing on top of a karst mountain in Guilin China
Rock Climbing in China’s Karst Landscape

The above photo is a shot taken from around 1:20 into the video, boy it makes you want to climb in China, or at least… photograph people climbing these amazing karst mountains from a safe distance.

See if you can spot which parts of the video are of Zhangjiajie and which parts Guilin and Yangshuo. Are you read to try some rock climbing in Guilin?

Just in case the above feature images does not display the video correctly for you, here it is within the page: