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The Telegraph, a British national newspaper, runs a popular travel photography image of the year competition called The Big Picture.  In January I was thrilled to learn I had won Telegraph Big Picture of the Year.

Last summer, my image was selected as a winner some time in September, and was published for the first time, on a double page spread in the Telegraph. I also won a Nikon camera, that one of my staff photo guides in Guilin, China was happy to receive.

At the time, I had no idea my photo was also competing for Telegraph’s travel photographer Big Picture of the year, as in fact I seldom enter contests. So I was really surprised to learn that the years award winning images were selected by a panel to be shortlisted into a final, where the public would vote. I was ‘chuffed to bits’, over the moon to my US friends 😉 that my photo won Telegraph Big Picture travel photography final, and once again featured on a double page spread.

The prise was the fantastic Nikon D750 + 24-85mm plus a 105mm f/2.8G Micro-Nikkor lens, awarded by Nikon.

This was the image:

Telegraph Big Picture Winner

Guilin Cormorant Fishing on the Li River China
Warrior – Guilin Cormorant Fisherman by Andy Beales

The Nikon D750 is an awesome camera and I recommend it to anyone considering a full frame camera. The dynamic range is jaw dropping, which means you can recover shadows amazingly well.

Mia has been shooting with a D750 over the last year, it’s low-light focusing ability, and tilt screen (the first of it’s kind in full frame FX cameras) means you can get lower, shoot darker, and still walk away with tack sharp images.

I also look forward to experimenting with macro photography. Firstly, thank you to my friend Mr Huang. I have already taken Mr Huang a copy of the photo and I will again thank and rewarded him next time I visit his home. Mr Huang has become a friend to Mia and I, it’s this relationship that means he is willing to act as a model in all weather, like this day I shot this photo. A rain storm was all over us, I was the only person in the river and we persisted until the weather broke, just before the blue hour. Thank you also to the Telegraph and Nikon UK for running the competition, and to everyone who voted for my image. If you would like to photograph Guilin China, I recommend Guilin Photography Tour. Take a look at the site and learn about the area. My team and I can help you design a trip around your specific dates and interests. This year we also hope to run some join-in tours, so sign-up for the newsletter to be informed.

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